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Vacuum Interrupters, Inc. can provide vacuum interrupter pole assembly and replacement vacuum interrupter parts or components for virtually any manufacturers' medium voltage circuit breaker or contactor.

First In-House Manufactured Certified Vacuum Interrupters Go To Market
In the first quarter of 2021, Vacuum Interrupters shipped its first set of certified vacuum interrupter replacements that were manufactured in-house.
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We also provide vacuum interrupter testers, a combination CT and VT instrument transformer tester, and circuit breaker timers. Additionally, we have a high voltage test laboratory which can be used to evaluate and certify your low- and medium-voltage electrical equipment.

For years we have been working to develop a process that conditions and extends the life of vacuum interrupters by removing unwanted gas molecules from within the canister. The process has been proven in the lab and in the field. We are now able to extend the service life of vacuum interrupters by keeping the internal pressures within an acceptable range for an extended period of time. Our goal is to keep vacuum interrupters in service for more than 100 years.

Links to descriptive product bulletins and informational papers are provided below.

VITS60M: 3-In-1 tester: vacuum interrupter integrity, megohmmeter & hipot
3-In-1 Tester

• Vacuum Interrupter Integrity
• 2.5/5/10 Megohmmeter
• 60kVdc Hipot
circuit breaker timer
Circuit Breaker Timer

• captures breaker trip, close
and bounce times
CTVT-45 combination CT and VT instrument transformer in use
Combination CT & VT Test Set

• Field portable multi-function instrument transformer tester
high voltage testing laboratory
Our In-house Testing Lab

• Is available for testing your equipment
vacuum interrupter test set
Vacuum Interrupter Tester

• Determines useful life expectancy
circuit breaker analyzer
Circuit Breaker Analyzer

• Uses tablet & app
We Are Participating in NETA's
NETA PowerTest 2022
In person event is February 28 through March 4 in Denver, Colorado. The virtual component of the conference, PowerTest TV, will launch February 28 and remain available to attendees for 90 days. Our hands-on workshop "Vacuum Interrupter Test and Conditioning", which is being held Wednesday, March 2 at 1:15, is about a process to extend the life of vacuum interrupters. Our goal is to keep vacuum interrupters in service for more than 100 years. Use the following link to a page where you can view information about Vacuum Interrupter Conditioning. Also, following the 2022 workshop, you can view the workshop's supporting PowerPoint presentation Vacuum Interrupter Test and Conditioning.

we stock replacement vacuum interrupters for virtually all types of vacuum circuit breakers
We stock replacement vacuum interrupters for
virtually all types of vacuum circuit breakers

Original vacuum interrupter pole assembly used in Power/Vac circuit breakers
We also provide replacement
vacuum interrupter pole assemblies

Replacement vacuum interrupter pole assembly using embedded vacuum interrupter
Additionally we can provide replacement
vacuum interrupter pole assemblies
using an embedded vacuum interrupter

SF6 repair, refill and replacement services
Another area we cover is
SF6 repair, refill &: replacement services

Vacuum Interrupters Inc is an ISO 9001 2015 certified company
Vacuum Interrupters Inc is a
ISO 9001 2015 Certified Company

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